"There is a long
 road from having a
project to fulfilling it.
People may resemble
through words, but
 they stand out through
  their actions"


NamorTrade SRL

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Namor Trade S.R.L.

Namor Trade is a very young consulting and business intermediation company, founded in 2008, but with a division management and marketing consultancy with extensive experience.

The team is young and enthusiastic, the combination of the two components resulting optimum in everything we do.

Today the one that has the information can make a succesful business, and in the Romanian and foreign business environment we have departments and individuals specializing in prospecting operations outside the market to sell their products or to import what they need.

Our consulting and brokerage system is made in such a way that You can have access to offers and import/export requests at minimal prices.

In the same time we can offer you marketing and advertising services on external markets, promoting your products and services for export, and search for the cheapest suppliers for your required imports.

Namor Trade S.R.L connects you to the world by providing:

  • Assistance in the creation, translation and development of your offers for the products and services you wish to export;
  • Marketing and advertising for your export products and services by using our own solutions and our own advertising know how.
  • Listing your company and your products in the biggest B2B portals on the European, American and Asian market;
  • Direct search for clients, using our own database or by using the importing and brokerage partner companies around the world;
  • Assistance in negociating external contracts, following how these contracts develop and recovery of eventual losses;
  • Financial, fiscal and legal assistance in creating import-export contracts;
  • Other services required by our clients.